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“When you think about your neighborhood do you think that it is a safe place for your children? Would you be happy letting friends and family in your care roam freely around your street? Play in the park by themselves, cycle, or walk without adult supervision? Do you worry about fast cars, littered paths, overhanging shrubbery, unlit roads or stranger danger? Prevention is the most powerful tool in the fight against unsafe neighborhoods and becomes even more effective when people in the community work together. There are three important ways for communities to safeguard themselves: raising awareness of dangers in the neighborhood, uniting residents in caring for the community and providing safe, skill-building opportunities for children.”
   WHO'S NEXT DOOR was established specifically for the security of Montana neighborhoods. “We can’t sit back any longer, our lack of involvement will only bolster the confidence of sexual offenders to continue to hide and prey on the unsuspecting.” Yes there are sexual offenders that don’t re-offend. Our intention is not to intrude upon their lives but rather to educate our neighbors of the possible risk of living next door to an offender that may not be rehabilitated. Who’s Next Door does not condone harassment, but rather encourages awareness to help prevent tragedies from occuring.
YES! Count me in! Our neighborhoods in Montana are silently being taken over by sexual offenders! They’re moving into our neighborhoods at alarming rates. Who are these offenders? Where do they live? Are my loved ones at risk? Who’s Next Door of Montana is invaluable to the safety of our communities. Please donate  to keep our neighborhoods safe now, to avoid a tragedy in the future. 
STRANGER DANGER AWARENESS. CHILD/SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM  A community service “bait” and then “educate” program. A person in disguise tries to lure kids to approach him at area schools, an officer then has a talk with the school or classroom to educate the students on what to do or not do when a stranger asks for assistance. Incorporates drama students and volunteers concerned about community safety. Parents are able to donate directly to the program and ask for a stranger danger evaluation of their own children at a specified area: front yard of home, area park, etc. Great tool to assist teachers and parents. 

NEIGHBORHOOD WEED PATROL was designed to encourage and empower residents to take the lead in continuing their efforts for safety, improvements and beautification in their neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Weed Patrol’s volunteers weed wack grass and weeds for fellow neighbors in need. Helping neighbors comply to the city weed ordinance also assists with safety and crime prevention in our community since there will be less places for criminals to hide and fewer places for children to get hurt. Not everyone can “cut it” so we do it for them! Neighborhood WEED Patrol 406-829-5683
I WISH I COULD… All of us have said it, “Gee if only I could… I would do the following for this person.” Your local “I wish I could” program does just that. There are programs that currently grant wishes for terminally ill patients, “I wish I could” is similar but grants wishes submitted by local neighbors to benefit other deserving neighbors in our community. All kinds of wishes to all kinds of recipients. Does your neighbor desperately need dental work? Is your wife weary from taking care of a disabled child and is deserving of a spa day? Has your child volunteered his time every week to mow a neighbor’s lawn and his only wish is to ride in an airplane? Everyone is encouraged to submit their requests. Wishes are granted by giving consideration to need, length of need, providing a change, affecting quality of life, rewarding someone, ease in implementing, and availability of finding a donor to help.  Click here to submit a WISH FORM.

CELEBRATE NATIONAL NEIGHBOR DAY--by doing a “favor for a neighbor”. Always the last Sunday in September.

Now all Montanans can once again proclaim that Montana truly is OUR last best place.

Neighbor to Neighbor is a northwest Montana 501 C 3  advocacy group promoting S.A.F.E. in our neighborhoods. Safety, Assistance, Friendship & Endowments. We take great pride in our community and look forward to creating secure and crime free neighborhoods.  

Our staff is currently 100% volunteer based  and passionate about our mission in assisting our fellow neighbors in the community.


HUGGIE BEAR NANNY CAM AT COST $49.99 please send email to safety@whosnextdoor.org. We will contact you with billing and payment information.
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